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My pastor was hesitant at first about showing the video, because he thought it might scare young children, so he had me find young parents to preview it with their children. I had no complaints about it this weekend, and I noticed that young people (teens and children) were very interested. I love the music in the background, and the beauty and wonder portrayed, without being preachy. I will definitely show this video at any masses with pro-life activities (such as baby showers for pregnancy centers).
Mary - St. James Church, NJ - showed Truth Booth video at Sunday services

I loved the presentation of the Truth Booth video that I saw at the Beginnings Pregnancy Centre.
It was really amazing to see the stages of life and the changes in growth. I have found out I am pregnant and due Dec 4 and I am so glad that they have the tools to show us 4D images. It is simply a gift and miracle.
Amy - a pregnant woman - Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

The Provincial group (Life's Vision) purchased a Truth Booth that they now bring to shopping malls, schools, churches, provincial exhibitions and youth conferences. The Truth Booth draws people like glue. They are amazed at how the baby is moving and developing in the womb. Expectant mothers are glued to the video.
Gisele - Life’s Vision - Manitoba, Canada

Being a sidewalk counselor for many years in the 40 Days for Life campaign, I was excited and inspired to make business cards today to hand out with your app info and saying LET LIVE! Planning to place them where other young people congregate! Together we can save lives!
LJ - sidewalk counselor - Fair Oaks, CA

The St. John Vianney Festival borrowed the Truth Booth from LifeWorks Ohio. At the Festival, a young mom came up to the people who were 'manning' the Truth Booth, and told them her story. She had seen the Truth Booth at their last year’s festival as well, and at that time, she was 4 months pregnant and was considering abortion. However, after seeing the Truth Booth video, she knew she couldn’t go ahead with the abortion and as a result, her baby girl is alive today!
Regina - LifeWorks Ohio - Cleveland, Ohio

The 1 year anniversary of the Truth Booth at Richland Mall was 12/15, and as of then we had distributed over 2,500 of the First Nine Month brochures. It would be impossible to calculate the blessing this has been to Richland Pregnancy Services and those who have found their way to us through this resource. We continue to get calls and positive comments from people who have seen the display. Thanks so much to all of you. May God continue to richly bless you in your work for the unborn.
Jim - Richland Pregnancy Services - Mansfield, Ohio

A young man who was standing in front of the Truth Booth called me today to ask how his girlfriend could see their baby. By the tone and emotion in his voice he was obviously upset. He told me that he had been trying to talk his girlfriend out of an abortion and knew if she could see an ultrasound of their baby, like the baby on the Truth Booth, he was convinced she would reconsider the abortion. I gave him the number of an ultrasound company. I then called the company and they agreed to do the ultrasound free of charge, if her doctor would approve this. I think we saved a life today!
Molly - Cleveland Right To Life - Cleveland Ohio

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