Truth Booth programs are fashioned to address a wide range of applications.

Truth Booth Display System - DISCONTINUED

The Truth Booth display system is a self-contained unit that is designed to operate on a shopping mall kiosk, cart or other display table. Its purpose is to display ultrasound video footage via an integrated 32" LCD TV monitor. Two units can be fitted back-to-back to capture traffic on both sides of an aisle. This system is ideal for large venues such as shopping malls and schools. The system is constructed of durable wood and wood composites and features a Plexiglas protected litho graphic. The unit houses a battery backed solid state video player and a programmable system timer to enable unattended operation.

  • Shopping Malls
  • School Tours    
  • Church & Community Fair Tours
  • Community Events
  • Customizable Truth Booth Take-Away flyer (strongly recommended)

Truth Booth DVDs

We offer DVDs for those that already have video hardware or don't need a self-contained display system.
These videos play on ordinary DVD players. For large audiences, the video projects very well.

  • Physician Offices
  • Education Events
  • School Programs
  • Laptop Presentation

Purchase a DVD - CLICK HERE

NOTE: You can always view/share the video from this web site for free. Having the movie on a DVD provides repeat mode (through the DVD player) and allows for off-line (no Internet connection) viewing.


Truth Booth Mobile

At the heart of this program is a simple QR Code. Scanning the code from a smart phone or tablet will route the visitor to the Truth Booth video. This program leverages consumer electronics to assist personal viral networking of the Truth Booth message in a cost effective manner.

Print the QR Code on business cards, or for organizations already using business cards, the QR Code can be placed on the back of their cards. Or, the QR Code can be added to flyers and emails, include in just about any printed or electronic media. ANY USE OF THIS CODE MUST BE ON MATERIALS THAT ARE CONSISTENT WITH OUR MESSAGE, INCLUDING FACTUAL, SCIENTIFIC ... AND GENTLE.

  • Personal - Sidewalk Counseling, In-Person Sharing
  • Print - Newsletters, Brochures, Business Cards


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